Initially, we asked ourselves a very challenging question: what kind of home could strike a perfect balance of space and aesthetic while remaining in financial reach of people with lower incomes?

Our first few months of social media exploration revealed that there’s an astonishingly high percentage of people who are unable to find decent housing despite the fact that their incomes are well above the poverty level. The reason for this was clear: a disproportionate increase of land cost versus earnings. Local governments across the continent are now working toward the only viable solutions to this problem: densification through building vertically, allowing infill housing, and incorporating smaller living spaces. Whereas pricing for high-rise apartments is dictated by the original land costs, construction costs are the sole determinant of infill housing prices. Unfortunately, conventional home design and construction methods are labour intensive and fraught with rising materials costs prompted by increased building standards and pressure on natural resources.

We knew that tackling this challenge would require a completely new approach to home design and construction technology. The home needed to be small to maintain affordability while still providing a living space that feels upscale rather than compromised. Construction had to eliminate skilled trades, complex processes, and management experts. It had to be modular to facilitate flexible layout options and, most importantly, mass produced to save costs through economies of scale.

Both our NOMAD models Micro and Cube are the result of an exciting product development journey within a centuries-old industry that has experienced little change. We’re continuing to grow, and we’re committed to exploring new solutions for affordable and sustainable living.



Ian Kent
Founder and CEO
35 years of experience in architecture, building, and land development.


Joie Alvaro
VP, Marketing
Creative strategist and wordsmith with 23 years of experience in real estate marketing and professional writing.


Iain Ball
MBA, CA with 25 years of international experience in the financial field, general management, and corporate finance.


Terry Beech
Business Advisor
Co-founder and CEO of hiretheworld.com, adjunct professor Simon Fraser University.


Jeanette Jackson
Business Advisor
Innovative thinker with broad-based experience in strategy, business, marketing, and communications.


Nolan March
Production Manager
Certified Inter-Provincial Red Seal Carpenter with over 11 years experience.




Latitude – Our Latest Multi-Family Project



A groundbreaking eco-conscious micro home, proudly manufactured in British Columbia, Canada for easy DIY assembly. Living area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area are all seamlessly integrated into the 10.5’ x 10.5’ Micro and
12.5’ x 12.5’ Cube. Proudly supports affordable, sustainable living.

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